The Artist

Born in Moscow, Russia, Mischa moved to Germany at a young age and now
lives and works in Berlin. He has been active as a photographer for
over 20 years. His work has been largely concerned with subjects that
contrast their surroundings; finding moments of beauty & tranquility
in places that one wouldn't usually expect to find them.
Mischa's BLURRED series was shot entirely at night time,
within urban landscapes - those that are usually hectic and demanding.
These pictures allow us to step back from the chaos of everyday urban
life and stop, just to look and enjoy; to see the beauty in things one
would normally rush past without a second thought.
His most recent series, BLUUM, follows on from this theme of
contrast & beauty. In the middle of the cold, dark winter with little
outdoors to inspire, Mischa became increasingly aware of the elegance
and charm of the flowers within his own home. Shooting this series
provided Mischa with a sense of escapism and peacefulness - and
invites the viewer to rest for a moment, let their mind wander, and
find their own peaceful haven.


18.08.2018           Opening THE FOLD London

29.06.-05.08.2018 THE DEN Creation/Construction Soloshow Berlin

12.04.-15.04.2018 Art Week Stockholm EAF Stockholm

15.09.-22.09.2017 FOYOU ART Berlin

14.09.-17.09.2017 BERLINER LISTE Berlin

01.07.-08.07.2017 8 Tage Marzahn Berlin

21.04.-24.05.2017 THE  BALLERY Solo Show Berlin

04.02.-19.02.2017 EnterArtFoundation Berlin



Enter Art Foundation